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Seven valuable use cases

1. Digitize your contract review checklist

Match your policy and guidelines with all your contracts

Tablet_Legly Online contract review with AI (1).png

3. Search your whole contract portfolio

Reveal too-long payment terms and contracts lacking a price-index clause, etc.

Smart search.png

5. Identify documents that need scrutiny

Identify documents that need manual review, for example, by a specific expertise

Flash light.jpg

7. Follow-up on regulatory changes

Find contracts impacted by local regulations and delegate tasks to renegotiate


2. Support your sales team with DIY solution

Better and faster find dealbreakers and missing clauses before signing


4. Powerful follow-up by Legal team

Empower the Legal team to follow up on locally reviewed documents


6. Get insights on your contract portfolio

Empower the board with insights on risks and opportunities in your company's contracts

Contract insights.png
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