About us

Christian Wigren

Co-founder & Tech Lead

Our story

Three cups of coffee and a soda on a café table. A lawyer, two programmers and an entrepreneur with the need for legal advice. This is how Legly started.


It soon became obvious how artificial intelligence would supply the increasing demand for efficient contract reviewing. In particular to support sales and sourcing teams while reviewing incoming contracts from customers and suppliers.


Many companies have realized that getting rid of major pitfalls early in the negotiation process will make the following steps much more efficient and ensure that you get the full value of what you bargained so hard for - over the whole contract period. That is why we love working with Legly. 

With a base in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Stockholm our service is applied all over the world.

Our vision

A non-lawyer shall be able to review a contract and send feedback to a colleague or the other party with:

  • max “3” clicks

  • max “3” decisions

  • in max “3” minutes.

This vision is cleary mirrored in everything we do and our product roadmap. 

Bengt Anders Lindgren

Co-founder & Product Management

Per Axberg

Co-founder & CEO

Sebastian Wigren

Co-founder & Development

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