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Why we are Legly


Welcome to our world. Let me guess; you are also not a fan of reviewing those never-ending, monotonous contracts.

Then this will be one of the most exciting messages you'll ever read.

We built Legly because we spent more time reading endless contracts than face-timing with our customers. 

Still, we couldn't find all the deal-breakers and potential contract value leakages.

Contracts are a centerpiece of any business. But, customer relations and prospecting are too.

Companies, on average, lose 9% bottom line due to poor contract management. But, if you do not spend time with your customers, you will not have any contracts to read.

That is why we care about making contract reviews much easier and faster so that you can find all the deal-breakers in less time and spend more time on the things you want.

But how can I save time while doing a better contract review? Isn't that contradicting?

The secret is to tailor the robot to your needs and let it focus on deal-breakers and changes that your counterpart could accept. Mix that with suggested sample clauses and an easy-to-use interface, and you will be able to reply with your comments regarding the contract that same day.

As Hanna, CEO at Höganäs Borgestad, says:

"Legly is that extra pair of eyes that reduce the risk of any significant things missing. The speed and simplicity of the tool are great".

Now it is time to:

  • Stop spending tiresome hours reviewing contracts.

  • Get more time to do what you'd love to.

  • Seal the leaking contract value that you bargained so hard for.




It is time to join both local and international companies and start saving save time and money today.

Best regards,
Per Axberg, CEO

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