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Get control with contract portfolio insights

Legly uses AI to rapidly scan through business contract portfolios and uncover valuable insights into risks and opportunities.

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Contract portfolio analysis

Get better control and insights from your contract portfolio

Have full control

Control and gain insights from the whole contract portfolio by live filtering and informative graphs.

Data-driven GRC

Use the contact data as the fundament of your Governance, Risk, and Compliance strategi

Legal health check

Your monthly Due Diligence with colorful graphs pinpointing the latest risks and opportunities

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Have full control of you contract portfolio


​Filter the contract portfolio by contract types, clauses, terms, etc.


​Get reports on contract data -  what contracts contain or lack specific clauses


Produce colorful analyses for contract term, payment term, governing laws, etc.


Click down through lists of agreements to highlight in an agreement.

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Spotlight on data-driven Governance, Risk & Compliance

  1. Data-driven governance

  2. Effective risk management

  3. Compliance with laws and company policy

ROI calculator

Legal health check

Filter on KPIs in your contract portfolios, see how graphs update live for the next board meeting.

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