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Get automated contract review with Legly

Legly uses artificial intelligence to review customer and purchase contracts for pitfalls and hidden costs. This way sellers, purchasers and legal counsels can do a better contract review in less time.

Increase speed to market

Mitigate contractual risk

Ensure compliance to policy

Legly covers your whole organization


Legly highlights the important paragraphs and compare them to company policy in seconds, saving sales teams from having to exhaustively comb through contracts by hand.

Return to customer the same day with necessary adjustments.


Using Legly, procurement and purchase teams can spend more time negotiating the best deals without compromising on quality when reviewing contracts. Thereby adding more value to the business.

Quickly ensure compliance with code of conduct and that all policies are checked.

Legal counsel

With Legly, legal teams spend less time reviewing low risk commercial contracts.

Legly allows sales and purchase teams to handle the reviewing process themselves to a larger extent.

Ensure compliance to policy while saving time reviewing.


Key features

Identify missing clauses

Highlight risky writing

Find breaches to policy

Get example texts

About us


Anders Lindgren

Legal intelligence

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Christian Wigren

Technical development

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Per Axberg

CEO and sales

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Sebastian Wigren

AI design & UX

Three cups of coffee and a soda on a café table. A lawyer, two programmers and an entrepreneur with the need for legal advice. This is how Legly started. It soon became obvious how artificial intelligence would supply the increasing demand for efficient contract reviewing.


With a base in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Stockholm our service is applied all over the world.

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