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Online contract review with AI

Get the Full Value of Your Contracts

Highlight deal-breakers, extract metadata, and visualize your portfolio
Sitting on a contract right now?
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Legal tech and service providers

A simple-to-use AI integration that extracts metadata and facilitates contract organization, analysis, red-flag reports, and task assignments.

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Law firms

Legly equips law firms to deliver better and more attractive due diligence.

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Legly reads your contracts, extracts metadata, delivers red-flag reports, and assists you in setting actions.

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Legly reviews business contracts in seconds and highlights deal-breakers and missing clauses for you before signing.

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Available via
online dashboard and APIs

API for Legly interface

Legly Dashboard

Use Legly dashboard to review, analyze, and organize your contracts

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No Storage

Get metadata for your local repository, platform and dashboard

Contract Portfolio Analysis reports

Metadata and Dashboard

Get metadata and access to Legly dashboard

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"Legly is that extra pair of eyes that reduce the risk of missing significant things.
The speed and simplicity of the tool are great"

Hanna Landell
Managing Director, Manufacturing company
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Can robots really read?

Ever felt like a text was too heavy to read? Take the chance to discover the secrets behind robots reading for you.

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