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Advisory board



Mikael Wahlgren


Senior Legal Counsel & Arbitrator

Mikael has over 20 years of experience in the industrial and construction industry. For 10 years, Mikael was general counsel at Alfa Laval. Meanwhile, at Alfa Laval, Mikael is implementing a routine for reviewing customer agreements.

Jussi Karlgren


Adjunct Professor Language Tech.

Jussi Karlgren has been involved in text analysis since 1988. He is professor of AI and language technology from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, associate professor at the University of Helsinki and guest lecturer at Stanford. Jussi is also co-founder of Gavagai, which develops tools in text analysis.


Carol Spendilow


Senior Legal Counsel

Carol is a lawyer with 20 years of experience from the IT / Telecom industry and companies such as TradeDoubler and Tele2. In addition to her position as a corporate lawyer, she runs her own law firm and a network for freelance corporate lawyers.


Marwin Brandt


UX & Interaction design

Marwin has over 15 years of experience in interaction design and creating good customer experiences in digital environments. He has worked with companies such as Toyota, Coca Cola, Amnesty International, Virgin, TV4 and Swedish Television and has been awarded the Swedish Design Prize, the Internet World Top 100 and the Publishing Prize.

Oskar Sinha.jpeg

Oskar Sinha


Enterprise Account Executive

Oskar has more than a decade of experience as a management consultant focusing on risk and process design and optimization. He has experience of projects all over the world as a consultant at PwC, Deloitte and EY.

Christian Wigren



Christian has 15 years of experience in digital development work from e.g. Valtech and ÅF. He has extensive experience in both analysis and back-end development and has the ability to concretize ideas into a technical and feasible plan.

Anders Lindgren



Anders has worked as a lawyer at the law firms Lindahl and Mannheimer Swartling. At Legly he is the legal mastermind behind how Legly's robot thinks and reasons.

Sebastian Wigren

AI design & UX

Sebastian's combination of innovative thinking and extensive knowledge in programming and AI development is of great importance when two worlds such as legal and tech are to meet and lead to something user-friendly.

Per Axberg



Per has been committed to business development throughout his career. For more than a decade, Per has been involved in various disruptive start-up projects. In recent years, he has focused on the rapid development of legal technology.

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