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Boost your
Due Diligence
with AI

Legly equips your firm to deliver better and more attractive legal due diligence.

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Legal Due Diligence

Why use Legly for Legal DD?

Better delivery

Control and gain insights from the whole contract portfolio by live filtering and informative graphs.

Better branding

Demonstrate efficiency and productivity to your clients using technology to deliver the best services possible.

Increased earnings

With Legly, you can increase profits due to more efficiency and better delivery. 

See our ROI-calculator.

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Better deliveries to clients


​Filter the contract portfolio by contract types, clauses, terms, etc.


​Create DD reports that show which contracts contain or lack specific clauses.


Produce colorful analyses for contract term, payment term, governing laws, etc.


Click down through lists of agreements to highlight in an agreement.

Build better branding

When asking your clients

Fewer than one-third of law firms:

  1. Uses Technology to Deliver the Best Services Possible

  2. Demonstrates Efficiency and Productivity

  3. Equips Staff with the Right Tools to Perform Our Work.

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ROI calculator

Increase your earnings

Use the calculator to estimate the return on investment using Legly for Legal Due Diligence.

Don't stay behind

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Legly uses artificial intelligence to help non-lawyers more effectively review and provide feedback on business contracts.

Based in Sweden, we support companies globally.

Legly AB

Malmö and Stockholm, Sweden

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