Get a second pair of eyes

Review your incoming business contracts in 1 minute

Legly is an AI-based robot that saves legal teams time reviewing contracts by rapidly listing missing clauses and breaches to your company's preferences.

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Save time reading incoming business contract

Get lists of missing clauses and risky writing highlighted in the contract - in seconds

Legly is your second pair of eyes that safeguards you through the contract reviewing.

Tailor Legly to your company preferences and get digitized contract review guidelines that are easy to use for non-lawyers in your organization.

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A second pair of eyes

Let the robot do the heavy lifting and support you in identifying risky clauses and what is missing.


Helping you in seconds

The robot identifies the contract, reviews it, and reports deal-breakers in seconds.


Safeguarding your interests

Start using Legly today and let the robot work for you according to your preferences.

No hassle or code required.

Helping companies all over the world

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Empower your organization to manage more of the contract review

Save time reading B2B contracts by letting the sales and sourcing teams manage the first iterations of the contract review and negotiation process. 


Avoid contract value leakage

On average companies lose 9% bottom line due to contract value leakage that could have been avoided by a second pair of eyes when reviewing business contracts. 


Built-in security and compliance

Our customers come to us to be confident with the content of their contracts and because they know that their contracts are safely stored and handled with care.

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Easy to start using

Use Legly's industry standard contract guidelines or tailor according to your preferences

  • Make the robot work according to your preferences

  • Build contract review guidelines for your contract types

  • Adjust feedback to the legal team or non-lawyers in the organization.

Our Clients

Why companies like Legly?

"Legly provides a quick overview and gives that extra pair of eyes that reduce the risk of significant things being missed"

"Everyone who has tried it so far thinks it is a good tool and easy to use. In particular, the speed and simplicity of the tool is the best thing about using Legly"

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Hanna Landell
Managing Director, Höganäs Borgestad

Tailor the robot to work for you

Customize the robot to review according to your preferences or contract guidelines

How to review a contract in minutes

See the 4-minute demo


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