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Unlimited contract review with AI

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Find deal-breakers, missing clauses, and hidden costs in business contracts.

What is included

  • Full access to Legly contract review with AI

  • Contract guidelines

  • Example clauses

  • Export to Word and PDF

  • Introduction to new users

  • Online support. We aim to answer within 24 hours on weekdays.

Tailor contract guidelines

Contract guidelines are what the robot follows when reviewing a contract.

The guidelines can be tailored to your preferences. For example, the robot can red flag warranties, governing laws, or remedies that your company does not want to accept.

If you do not have tailored guidelines the robot will review according to Legly's industry-standard guidelines.

Group discounts

If you have 10 users or more we offer group discounts. If you have not received a campaign code talk to your contact person at Legly or contact us here.

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