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Bufab has a long experience using Legly for contractual advices in how to meet our contractual guideline in the negotiation with our partners.

It's great to be able to have an AI tool that reads the contractual progress in the negotiation and presents how the changes deviate from our guidelines, and gives suggestions on alternative formulations that could be used.


Legly will help us be more efficient and secure the legal compliance of our contracts.


Carina Lööf, Global Sourcing Director

Legly helps you review with only 1 click, 1 minute...


At Legly we want to help companies make more sustainable deals. Therefore, Legly has developed a software that uses artificial intelligence to review contracts for pitfalls and hidden costs. And we designed it for those who are not legal experts.

In just a minute, Legly's software helps you to find deal-breakers in a contract, so that you:

  1. Faster can reply to the counterpart.

  2. Spend less time waiting for lawyers.

  3. Sooner reach a closure.

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